Current informations regarding teaching at iMSL - SS 2020

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Dear students, as you can read in many places by now, the SS 2020 will be a "special" semester because of the Corona crisis. We will also make our lectures available online due to the fact that attendance may be limited in the long term. We are currently working on a suitable concept for this purpose, which we will introduce if possible before 04.05.2020 (official start of lectures). Until then, please visit our website frequently, where we will provide the latest information. - Microsoft Teams. From 7.4.2020 MS Teams was introduced campus-wide as a communication platform. We will also use this tool for the processing of the courses, therefore it is necessary that each student makes sure that he/she is registered with the respective university account, e.g. We will then announce how to get access to the respective LVs. - ASIM 2: Registration via email with name, university account name and matriculation number (subject: "[ASIM2] Anmeldung") - Thermodynamics: Registration via email with name, university account name and matriculation number (subject: "[Thermo] Anmeldung")

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Dear students, this semester, we will continue offering our lectures online via Microsoft Teams. Please consider the following information pertaining registration to our classes: ASIM 1: registration

Gianluca Rizzello, PhD appointed junior professor

We are pleased to announce that Gianluca Rizzello has been appointed Junior Professor for Adaptive Polymer Systems at the faculty of natural sciences and technology, department of Systems Engineering

eXist funding for IMSL start-up

Starting in August 2019, the project "DE Solutions" at the Intelligent Material Systems Lab at Saarland University will be funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy ( a

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