First place for iMSL PhD-Student @ SMASIS 2019 Hardware Competition

We presented 4 papers at the "SMASIS 2019" conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Two of them were among the five finalists of the "Hardware-Competition" and Yannik Goergen won first place with his paper "Shape Memory Alloys in Soft and Continuous Robot Applications". In addition, the journal paper "A Novel Dielectric Elastomer Membrane Actuator Concept for High-Force Applications" by Steffen Hau, Gianluca Rizzello and Stefan Seelecke received the "2019 Ephraim Garcia Best Paper Award". Congratulations!

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Information regarding iMSL Lectures WS 20/21

Dear students, this semester, we will continue offering our lectures online via Microsoft Teams. Please consider the following information pertaining registration to our classes: ASIM 1: registration

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