Two IMSL projects awarded DFG funding

Two projects at the intelligent material systems lab (IMSL) have been awarded funding within the DFG priority programme SPP 2206 "Cooperative Multistage Multistable Microactuator Systems" (KOMMMA). The proposal titled "DECMAS - Dielectric Elastomer Membranes for Cooperative Micro-Actuator/Sensor Concepts" aims to develop a highly flexible multisegment actuator system for large strokes, which consists of several layers of dielectric elastomer (DE) arrays and multistable shape memory polymers (SMP).

The work is divided into a total of three sub-projects. Under the direction of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gianluca Rizzello, micro-scale models for systematic design and self-sensing strategies for arrays of interacting DE-membranes will be developed, also aiming to enable cooperative control strategies for future project phases. In parallel, a group surrounding Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Seelecke is developing a new design concept and strategies for the miniaturization of multistable distributed actuators as well as integrated electronics for control and sensor technology. In the third project under the direction of Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Günter Schultes of the research group "Sensor and Thin Film Technology" at htw saar, microstructured electrodes with sub-micron thickness for local actuation of segmented DE-membranes are developed.

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