Werner Siemens Foundation funds development of smart implants

Aktualisiert: 14. Mai 2020

As part of an eight-million-euro funding program by the Werner Siemens Foundation, the intelligent material systems lab (IMSL) at ZeMA (Center for Mechatronics and Automation Technology gGmbH) will receive a grant of 2.1 million euros for the development of smart bone fracture implants that can be actuated using shape memory materials to stimulate bone growth at the fracture site and accelerate healing. The six-year project will start in January 2020 and will be carried out in cooperation with the Surgical Center at Saarland University Hospital (UKS), DFKI and the Chair for Technical Mechanics (Prof. Diebels).

Further information:

Press release (in german): „Acht Millionen Euro für die Forschung: Smarte Implantate sollen Knochen besser heilen“ https://www.uni-saarland.de/universitaet/aktuell/artikel/nr/21365.html

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